Buy It For Graduation, Keep It Forever: 20 White Dresses To Kick Off Summer In Style

Summer is just around the corner, and with the sun, the warmth, and the leisure of the season come many an opportunity to wear white. Going on a hike? A white tee will keep you cool. Summer Friday at work? White jeans will take you from the office to a night out. Snagged an invite to the rooftop pool party? You’ll stand out in your new white bathing suit. Finally, lest we forget, there’s the sacred and much-fretted-over white frock that many women will wear at least once in her life, standing in front of her friends and family during a life-changing moment.Don’t jump to conclusions here — we’re not talking about a wedding gown. Our focus today is a different symbolic white attire: the graduation dress. Generations of women have walked down the aisle — and then up on stage — in an ensemble of this all-purpose color, and if you’re accepting a diploma anytime soon, you’re probably on the hunt for one. However, the nice thing about a white graduation outfit is that — un