Bebe Rexha Still Has Words For The Designers Who Refused To Dress Her

For pop singer Bebe Rexha, the 2019 Grammys should have been one of the most exciting nights of her life. Instead, the \"I\'m A Mess\" singer had a hard time finding a dress to wear, thanks to the fashion industry\'s well-documented issue with sizeism (despite 67% of women being a size 12 or larger).Two months later, she revisited the whole ordeal during a recent appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show. \"I\'m a UK size 12,\" she explained. \"I like my curves.\" She ended up wearing a gorgeous red tulle dress by the designer Monsoori. Rexha offered some advice to designers in the fashion industry during her appearance on the British show. \"They need to include everyone, even if you\'re thinner,\" she said. \"You need to show love to every body type.\" Rexha once again shared the list of designers that offered to dress her, closing out her appearance by telling the designers who didn\'t want to dress her that \"could kiss her fat ass.\"Rexha first shared details about her struggle via Twitter in the lead-