Be The Most Stylish — And Thriftiest — Bridesmaid In One Of These Under-$100 Dresses

Congratulations, you’re in a wedding party! With this new position of power comes great responsibility. Depending on the ball-out levels of the nuptials in question, you may be on the hook for attendance — and maybe even planning — of an engagement party, bridal shower, or a bachelorette weekend. It’s exciting to be on this wild ride with your closest of friends, but ever-so-slightly nerve-wracking — not to mention, wallet-stretching.No matter who’s getting married or where it’s happening, it\'s likely that you\'re going to need a new bridesmaid dress if you’re going to be in the wedding. As thrifty and resourceful as you might be, it’s hard to circumvent the deeply specific needs of the bridal-party dress code, and with the halo of events that’s sure to surround the wedding, you might not be in a position to shell out a ton of money of the dress. But we have a hunch that it was your thrift and resourcefulness that brought you here in the first place, because we’ve