6 Eco-Conscious Influencers on Their Best Sustainable Fashion Purchase

The fashion industry isn\'t always the most conscious — socially, economically, or ecologically. The retail business loses thousands (if not millions) of dollars every year on wasted materials and the move towards fast fashion is digging our planet into a serious hole. But despite all of its faults, many of us still find ourselves attracted to fashion more than any other industry. Fortunately for us (and the environment), there are a few select members of fashion\'s inner circle that are using their voices to change the way the industry works — specifically on the sustainable front.The six ladies ahead might draw us in with their unique abilities to put outfits together and pose for the camera, but it\'s their authenticity and dedication to inspiring change that really keeps us coming back for more. From Reese Blutstein of @doublexposure, who\'s constantly putting pressure on brands to use less paper and cardboard in their packaging, to Natasha Halesworth, whose brand, The Consistency