30 Outfits To Wear This April

Posting about spring outfits while the predicted weather is still in the thirties in New York City feels a little...off. And no, that\'s not an April Fool\'s joke. Still, we\'re optimistic — and not just about the weather, but about the outfits will be so influenced by it.For April, we\'re not stowing away those winter coats just yet. But we\'re not saving all the bright hues and lightweight fabrics for later, either. Where you\'ll find a slip dress, you\'ll also find your trusty wool blazer; where you\'ll find strappy sandals, you\'ll also find sparkly socks and colored tights; and where you\'ll find a simple T-shirt, you\'ll also find a structured pantsuit. Remember, every outfit ahead can be amended with more or less clothing. Because until the weather wants to cooperate, we\'ll figure out a way to make it work for ourselves — and our style.Click through for the 30 looks we can\'t wait to copy this spring.Wishin\' all bananas came this chic-ly polka dotted.Match your jumpsuit to your bubbleg