30 Fashion Brands You Should Know About This Earth Day

By nature, fashion is not exactly \"good\" for the planet. With the constant environmental and ethical challenges the industry continues to face, it\'s safe to say there\'s a lot of work to be done when it comes to sustainability. But at a time when people seem to (finally!) be realizing how important it is to lessen their carbon foot print, it can definitely be difficult to weed out brands that are true change-makers from ones that are simply green-washers. So, in honor of Earth Day, we\'re spotlighting a few labels that are actually doing their part.As much as we love a good fashion-fashion steal, it\'s time we start paying attention to where the pieces we wear come from, and to be a bit more mindful about the companies we choose to shop from and support. Don\'t know where to start? The equally cool and conscious brands ahead will have you adding many-a pieces to your virtual shopping cart and feeling guilt-free.Read These NextCould You Only Buy 12 Pieces For One Year?Mlouye\'s Chic, Structu