20 Wide Leg Jeans To Give Your Legs Some Breathing Room

We’ve been well acquainted with our jeans for the past five months (thanks a lot, winter) so it’s only natural to want to tuck them away for the rest of spring. But wait! Consider wide leg jeans. They’re the relaxed version of your usual skinny jeans, just like spring you is the relaxed version of winter you. Wear them once and maybe you\'ll consider taking up ceramics and drinking chai lattes (spring is all about reinvention anyway).I know what you\'re thinking: why wear wide leg jeans when I can just wear culottes? Well, here\'s something to consider: they\'re actually the same thing. Presenting Culottes vs. Wide Leg Jeans: a fashion conspiracy theory. They’re both pants that give our legs some breathing room. And since wide leg jeans can be knee-length, just like culottes, aren’t culottes just wide leg jeans marketed as something totally different? Fashion has the tendency to confuse and rebrand old products as new trends, but we already knew that. It\'s 2019 and I’m official