17 Rehearsal Dinner Dresses Fit For Opening Night

So: you’re getting married (mazel tov!) and slowly but surely working your way through a long list of wardrobe decisions. Selecting the wedding dress was a Herculean task that involved the input of a six-person group text, at least one spreadsheet (with formulas), and a Pinterest board featuring every style that you were considering. Now that The Dress purchase is out of the way, you may be on to your next sartorial task — selecting something that feels special for the pre-wedding rehearsal dinner.Don’t be nervous about this choice — this is an opportunity to have fun. Without a chorus of friends and relatives chiming in with their opinions on what your wedding attire “should” look like, you’re free to let your freak flag fly with a frock that makes you feel completely at ease, before you don the uniform of “bride” the following day. And just like your wedding dress, it can jive with whatever type of celebration you’re having, whether it’s a courthouse lunch or a