15 Shoes That Prove "Comfort Footwear" Can Actually Be Cute

Throughout modern history, so-called “comfort” shoes have gotten a bad rap. Begrudgingly purchased out of necessity by nurses, servers, and people with foot conditions; strapped on by sensible, errand-running moms; and stacked high in the closets of our grandmothers, this supportive footwear category prizes functionality over trend-following, and often gets overlooked by we fashion-seeking shoe magpies.However, the winds of change are blowing. Our feet are growing tired of flesh-biting straps, hard-as-rock footbeds, and weight distribution made uneven by unsupportive heels. Sure, there’s an endless stream of trendy sneakers out there, but sometimes we want more — the elevated visual statement of our favorite of-the-moment shoes paired with the easy wear of, say, a Dansko.Luckily, several things are at play. Dorkus malorkus footwear is meeting fashion half-way, with brands like Birkenstocks and Clarks revamping tried-and-true lasts in need-it-now colorways. In addition to this,