10 Wardrobe Must-Haves For Confusing Early Spring Weather

Oh, April. Chronologically, we are well over two weeks into a new season, with the celebrated first day of spring having passed with much fanfare on March 20th. Temperature-wise, however, this month is anyone’s guess. Checking the weather in the morning has turned into a math problem — what to wear when the mercury is starting out the day with a downright wintry 38, but will be 65 by lunchtime? And that’s not taking into consideration the high winds or cold snap that’s sure to come in the next few days.We’re in the same boat with you; staring at our closets helplessly in the morning and wondering which of our go-tos will keep us warm and cool at the same time. However, there’s nothing we love like a fashion challenge, so we thought long and hard about the ten most essential pieces for this sartorially challenging season. And because we know you’re saving up dollars for those crucial spring and summer purchases (bathing suits, new sandals, actual vacation), we made sure t