10 Meghan Markle-Inspired Baby Gifts For Those Who Are Royally Obsessed

News flash: Meghan Markle is due any day now. (You can thank us later for clueing you in to this under-reported royal event.) For the few who have been following along this whole time, you\'re likely familiar with the Duchess\'s streamlined, elegant pregnancy looks — and we’re sure the choices she’ll make for her baby will be no exception. Alright, feigned disinterest aside, we\'re more than a tad curious about what she possibly could have received at her Serena Williams-hosted baby shower — if only to inspire our own baby gift-giving pursuits.Going off what we do know about Meghan and her thoughtful choices like vegan paint for the nursery, the charitable causes that she champions, and her new status as a Brit, we\'ve got a pretty good start on putting together a royalty-worthy registry. We went ahead and rounded up some of the best Baby Sussex-inspired gifts we could source, and we hope you’ll find that just like Meghan herself, it’s well-rounded, stylish, and socially-minded