When It Comes To Dressing Up, Two Pieces Are Better Than One

With a million formal obligations on the calendar this season — proms, weddings, baby showers — you have a lot to get gussied up for. And don’t forget the less-formal but still-presentable one-offs: your college roommate’s baby shower; the 4/20 potluck with all of your ambitious home-chef friends; your best friend’s 4th of July barbecue. You might not go hog wild here, but it would nice to have something kinda fresh, right? While it’s tempting to immediately type “cute dress” into Google, but hold that thought — we have an idea.What if, for the price of a single dress, you could get two items — a top and a bottom that would function independently and as a team? If you\'re anything like us, you’d jump for joy. We love the idea of wearing a two-piece dress to the next party, and then splitting up the pieces and letting them liven up our existing wardrobes. Maybe you can use the top to dress up jeans, or combine the bottom with a boxy fashion button-down. And when o