What To Wear To Work: From Business Formal To Creative Casual

If you’re one of the 72 million American women who are currently employed, chances are you’re reading this at work. Maybe you’re scrolling through your phone during a slow moment in a meeting (we won\'t tell!), or scanning the site while you eat lunch at your desk. And if you are at your job, you’re probably outfitted according to some kind of dress code, whether it’s been explicitly dictated by your boss or absorbed by osmosis through observing your co-workers.The rules of professional dress are changing faster than we can say “OOO,” and the levels of formalism in office attire are still very much alive, and very much a shopping conundrum — one that we’re here to help you work through, of course. Based on intrepid research and conversations with a few experts — including the human resources department here at Refinery29 — we’ve narrowed down the three traditional categories, and we’re even proposing a fourth, based on how much the work environment has evolved