This $3 Viral Amazon Accessory Is Crashing Our Instagram Feeds

For those of us who shop professionally, Amazon is a source of delight and discovery, offering up problem-solving products we never knew existed and surprisingly fashion-forward wardrobe staples. Ever since the e-tailer produced a puffer coat that took the internet (by way of the Upper East Side) by storm last year, we’ve been hot on the trail of the site’s next big hit. And, by golly, we\'ve found it with the Amazon pearl barrette.We’ve been noticing the inexpensive but eye-catching item popping up more and more on our Instagram feeds: a clip-style barrette made oversized by a pavĂ© of glossy pearls, often accompanied by a hidden tag identifying Amazon\'s Fashion IG handle — a frugal humble brag that we\'re not mad at. Available in a set of three on Amazon for a mere $2.65, the barrettes are a perfect nod to spring’s undeniably-everywhere hair-accessories trend. But it was the sight of our very own Associate Social Media Editor Hannah Bullion wearing the cute hair clip last wee