These Sustainable Retailers Will Reward You For Recycling Your Clothes

It\'s no secret anymore: clothing waste is a big environmental problem. Clothing production has doubled between 2000 and 2014, and the world produced 16 million tons of textiles in 2016 — only 15% of which got recycled, according to an EPA estimate. Each American, for their part, disposes of 70 - 80 pounds of clothes on a yearly basis. (Did you even think you had that much space in your closet?) This means that 85% of our textile waste goes into landfills; taking up precious space and natural resources and taking eons to decompose. What we dorecycle, however, will have nine symbolic lives — it will be re-sold, likely multiple times over, or repurposed and used in anything from art to housing insulation.The next question comes naturally: what\'s a clotheshorse to do? The answer seems simple: recycle your unwanted clothes, no matter the shape they\'re in. Rachel Kibbe, co-founder of the New York-based clothing recycler Helpsy, emphasizes the point: \"Never throw anything out,\" she says.


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