These Hanging Planters Will Actually Breath Life Into Your Home

We’re always looking for simple and affordable ways to upgrade our home decor. But how many throw pillows and succulents can an amateur decorator possibly go through until running out of options? Enter: the hanging planter. A decorative planter suspended from your ceiling or wall offers a different way to display herbs, small flowers, succulents, and even cacti. And, this stylish home to your greenery rarely costs more than $25. The easy-to-implement decorative item can transform even the dullest of corners into an inviting little nook.Adding a touch of greenery to your space has long been a popular way to bring a bit of character to your home. Plants offer natural beauty to a living environment and can even benefit our mental health. Millennials have fervently taken to the trend, and their favorite retailers are designing into this growing interest of all things green. There\'s an array of unique hanging planters out there for all types of aesthetics. Opt for a minimalistic, copper