The Zara Studio Collection Will Inspire You To Book A Desert Vacation ASAP

Forget the tropics: desert landscapes are fashion\'s ecosystem of choice right now. H&M ’s latest studio collection takes inspiration from the canyons and desert lights of Sedona, while Zara found its desert on a separate continent: Africa, in Marrakech, Morroco, to be exact. The latest studio collection, developed with Karl Templer, utilizes organic textures, handcrafted details, and an easy silhouette. The result: Chunky macrame sweaters, linen trousers, and dresses so dreamy we can almost feel the sand in between our toes are essential to the collection. The color palette is accordingly soft and earthy, with deep reds and quiet hints of clear turquoise. What this collection lacks in prints, it makes up for with delicate ruching and whimsical cutouts.ICYMI, the Zara studio collection launches twice a year, and is produced with high-quality fabrics and a strong design identity. The pieces sell out quickly, and for good reason. While we may not have considered a linen trouser set as e