The Fall 2019 Runways Were Only Really Inclusive Racially

The good news is that Fashion Month continues to maintain its commitment to inclusivity when it comes to race and age. The bad news: that progress isn\'t expanding to different sizes and gender. On Monday, The Fashion Spot released its bi-annual diversity report, tallying up all of the the Fall 2019 model appearances across New York, London, Milan, and Paris.In February, of the 7,300 models who walked in 221 shows, about two of every five cast were non-white. That\'s 38.8%, or a 2.7 point increase from spring 2019\'s findings. New York was the most racially diverse of all four fashion weeks. Paris came in second, bumping London (35.7%) out of the way, with 39% models of color cast. Milan came in last with 31.8% but it was the first time, The Fashion Spot noted, that the models of color cast exceeded 30%.While the models over the age of 50 declined on the New York runways, European designers cast 36 50-and-over models, compared to 27 during the spring 2018 season, and 13 in fall 2018. New