The Cool Girl's Guide To Bridesmaid Dresses

Why is it that when it comes to shopping for a special occasion, the available options seem to be way slimmer and less stylish than usual? Finding an evening gown that suits your personality (and personal style) isn\'t always an easy feat — and the hunt for an equally-as-cool bridesmaid dress is no different. With a lack of variety, it\'s easy to fall into a cookie-cutter trap with an expected, universally flattering, and \"safe\" (read: boring) option. Well, it\'s time to not take that route.Before wedding season kicks into high gear, we\'re here to raise the bar when it comes to bridesmaid dress shopping — because why shouldn\'t the women standing next to the bride feel just as on-point as she does? From elegant but bold prints to unexpected fabrics and silhouettes, we\'ve rounded up 30 not-so-average options that will make all those group photos frame-worthy stunners.At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independen