The Best Shoes Of #PFW Street-Style — And Where To Shop Them

Every six months, the streets of the world\'s fashion capitals overflow with an embarrassment of style-inspiration riches. In New York, London, Milan, and Paris, the fashion industry turns out in their newest and finest lewks, filling us with the frenzied realization that we need a vinyl trenchcoat, a teeny-tiny purse, and neon green everything. It\'s overwhelming! What\'s a shopper to do?First, take a deep breath — we\'re here to help you navigate and focus. We\'re in the throes of Paris Fashion Week, the final circuit of the Month (yes, that\'s a capital M) and arguably our favorite, for a couple of reasons. First, the sometimes-decisive but always-alluring French-girl style is in fullest effect in its home city, and we\'re watching our Gallic counterparts with eagle eyes for styling tricks. Second, as the last leg, Paris is the last chance for the street-style stars to pull out all the sartorial stops. So needless to say, we\'re really paying attention.So, where to put your energy — an