The Best Part Of The Beach Bum Is The Clothes

Photo: Courtesy of Neon/VICE.In The Beach Bum, you see Matthew McConaughey\'s actual bum more than a dozen times. In a few such scenes, he\'s wearing a royal purple G-string, and only his tan lines in others. But although these naked moments are definitely fun, they\'re actually not the most noteworthy aspect of Harmony Korine\'s follow-up to Spring Breakers. That honor goes to the absolutely deranged and perfect fashion that dominates the film.In fact, people have been talking about the fashion in this movie since the first set photo dropped back in 2017. Garage deemed it \"the most important fashion film\" and High Snobiety even did a round-up of McConaughey\'s, as his character Moondog, best looks — just from paparazzi photos. What I\'m saying is, much like Moondog — the drunk, grimy, lovable, carefree poet at the heart of this sun-drenched laissez faire comedy — the outfits in this film scream \"I don\'t give a fuck what I\'m doing\" and it\'s the exact 2019 vibe that everyone should have