Style Out There: For Black Women, Afrofuturist Fashion Is More Than A Costume

Afrofuturism Brings A Tribal Past Into A Technological FutureAfrofuturism is one of those terms that’s recently floated out of niche fandoms and entered into the mainstream, largely thanks to the mega-popularity of movies like Black Panther, artists like Janelle Monae, and events like Afropunk. These creations — most of them a product of African-American pop culture — are part of a defiant, creative generation of people from the African diaspora who mix sci-fi sensibilities with age-old traditions. As a fashion subculture, it’s easy enough to spot: powerful Black men and women dressed in Besotho blankets, Himba braids, Maasai collars, as well as Egyptian ankhs and crowns inspired by Yoruban deity Oshun — remixed with superhero textiles, gravity-defying jewelry, and technicolor hair.But when it comes to defining this genre, it\'s a little more difficult.To understand what it is, you first have to understand the bones of a satisfying sci-fi story. In them, a civilization is usua