So That's What A Maillot Swimsuit Really Looks Like

Every March, like clockwork, the swimsuit brands that sat dormant all winter come out of the woodwork to prepare us for the sunny months ahead. And while we\'d like to say that every season brings with it a fresh stock of colors and silhouettes, rarely does a style show up that we haven\'t seen at least once before. Sure, there are the big trends (i.e., metallic, orange, belted fits and one-shoulder cuts), but we\'d hardly call those sleeper hits. With that being said, there is one swimsuit style that lots of people haven\'t heard of yet: maillots.Maillots (pronounced mah-yohs) might sound totally new to you, but in reality, they’re anything but. Comparable to your everyday one-pieces, a maillot is just tank-style swimsuit with a French backstory and a bourgeois title. But with more and more brands, from Marysia to Matteau, adapting this fancy-schmancy pet name, we thought we\'d address any maillot-induced confusion head-on So to clear the air before swimsuit season truly begins, we round