Shop The Pattern That’s About To Be Everywhere This Spring

Check(s), please. It’s the print that carries a different meaning depending on the person. Spent your summers playing chess? Well, here’s your portable, wearable chess board for spontaneous showdowns. Or does the checkerboard evoke triumphant memories of the finish lines you\'ve successfully crossed in life? Whatever the meaning may be, block out a square in your spring wardrobe for anything with the print, because this is the trend to shop come spring and summer.The most recent re-imagination of the print arrived last May in the Jil Sander resort 2019 collection. The checkerboard printed looks came in a sophisticated combination of colorways and were styled with matching plaid counterparts. Is the checkerboard print actually just plaid seen with 20/20 vision? It\'s the new definitive, clear, and precise version of our favorite gingham and plaid prints of 2018.Click through for what checkered pieces we\'re shopping in anticipation for spring.Like what you see? How about some more R29