Plunge Head First Into Summer With These 15 Low-Back Swimsuits

The swim scene has come a very long way. Where itty bitty string bikinis were once de rigeur for looking sexy at the beach and by the pool, we\'re now opting for bathing suits that don\'t show off too much skin and rather show off just enough. To prove it, we\'re calling out the Goldilocks of swimsuits: one-pieces of the low-back variety. High up front (to avoid any wave-induced slippage) and low in back, these pieces officially end the days of compromising coverage for sex appeal.The world of low-back one piece swimsuits is nearly limitless, with everyone from up-and-coming designers like Hunza G and Reina Olga to fast-fashion outlets like Aerie and Urban Outfitters throwing their hats (or maillots) in the ring. While you may not get the line-less tan you\'re used to, it\'ll all be worth it when you don\'t have to spend an entire vacation adjusting and re-tying your string bikini after every dip in the water.To help you find a swimsuit that\'s just right for you, we\'ve laid out all the best