Our Bechdel Test Of "Feminist" Fashion Continues

You thought we\'d stop at just one year? Think again. To continue our efforts at demanding bigger, more authentic strides on International Women\'s Day, we\'re conducting yet another Bechdel test to determine which fashion brands are doing the most to help women gain equal representation today.Personally, I have an email folder loaded with PR lines boasting that their brands (over other female-led brands) are the ones offering the most, doing the most, representing the most, with many of them contributing only a fraction of what they could to the cause. So to cut through the noise and finally figure out which ones are authentically and unequivocally working to close the gap, we came up with a couple end-all-be-all rules for testing the fashion world\'s fight on International Women\'s Day.As of last year, to warrant coverage on Refinery29, brands are required to donate at the very least 20% of their proceeds to worth-while female-focused organizations; practice gender equality every day of t