Now That You've Marie Kondo'd Your Closet, Shop These 23 Spring Wardrobe Essentials

It\'s spring at last — or, rather, it will be soon. And with warmer temps, midday showers and longer days comes time for some much-needed spring cleaning. Thankfully, we\'ve been taught by the best, Marie Kondo herself, on how to do everything from folding a fitted sheet (a feat in and of itself) to clearing out your post-vacation inbox. But if there\'s one thing we need most right now from the master of organization, mother of tidying up and breaker of bad habits it\'s the motivation to drop our winter dead weight and go full steam ahead with cleaning out our closets.Let\'s be honest, though — the real triumph of any closet purge comes after you drop all those Balenciaga-esque Ikea bags at Goodwill and can finally replace all the coats, boots and sweaters that didn\'t spark joy with a fresh stock of sundresses, sandals and lightweight jackets that do. So while spring hasn\'t quite sprung yet, we\'re giving it a little push by getting a head start on our warm-weather wardrobes. First up: t