Mark International Women's Day With One Of These Feminist Tees

International Women\'s Day is this Friday, March 8th, and has been celebrated in some capacity for over a century. (Way too short of a time, if you ask us.) Here in the U.S., suffragettes celebrated a National Women\'s Day from 1908 until 1913. Across the Atlantic, over one million feminists (men and women alike) from a cluster of Eastern European nations publicly demonstrated for women\'s rights on March 19th, 1911.The United Nations observed it for the first time in 1975, and 2001 saw the launch of, a website funded by groups committed to gender parity. Now, despite being a national holiday in some countries, International Women\'s Day is not officially affiliated with a specific group, agency, or nation. But it is an opportunity for all of us to use our voices — whatever that means on the individual level — to advocate for women\'s equality.Naturally, we\'re very excited to mark the occasion, and we set out to find some of the best pro-woman, feminist t-shir