Josie Totah Didn't "Come Out" — She's Always Been Here

Less than five minutes into my interview with actress Josie Totah, I ask her one of the most dreaded questions that come up when discussing someone else’s gender identity.When did you know? I ask.“I literally cannot remember the day that I told my mom that I was a girl,” she replies. Shit, I think. I knew that. But the reality is, with less than 48% of Americans reporting to know or have met a transgender person (meaning approximately 52% of them haven’t), many people don’t understand that the feeling of being in the wrong body is something that can start as early as one can remember. “It wasn’t a ‘coming out’ moment for me since my family has known I was transgender since I was three years old; it was more of a Let me just inform the world of something they don’t know kind of moment.”Alexandra Miro top; Zimmermann Corsage Safari Polka Dot Pants, $450, available at Intermix; JF London shoes.Totah, now 17, who charmed audiences as J.J. Totah on television shows lik


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