Jewelry Worth Diving Under The Sea(shell) For

We could all use a little memento of the beach in our daily lives, if only to center us when the urban walls start closing in. And if a stringed necklace made up of shells is the way to do it, well, we\'re here for it. Puka shells are climbing their way back, so maybe it\'s time we give seashell jewelry a little reconsideration. But stash your repressed memories of Surfer Steve and his necklace back where they came from. Think of the resurgence as puka 2.0, featuring cowrie shells in their full form.Since last summer, we\'ve seen an uptick in brands managing to create line-ups of seashell- embellished and seashell-inspired pieces that merge seaside with cityscape, and the trickle down effect into jewelry is capturing our hearts. A mental getaway while we\'re grinding away until summer comes calling for us again is right up our alley, because we\'ll take short bursts of being transported to sipping on Mai Tais in a cabana over the reality of our work desks any day.From pendant necklaces to t