It's Time To Give Your Bag Collection The Spring Re-Up It Needs

Chances are, the canvas tote bag that\'s hauled your laptop, lunch and book club-assigned read around all winter is starting to look a little worse for wear. Did it ever really look that great in the first place? Probably not, but when it comes to winter accessories, it can be hard to prioritize style over utility. Now that we\'ve gotten a sneak peak into spring, however, we\'re fully prepared to toss our ratty ol\' tote bags away and give our handbag collections a much-needed refresh.And from the looks of it, every splurge-worthy accessory brand in the game (and plenty of affordable ones, too) seem to agree. Add to that the sheer number of handbag trends causing a stir across Instagram and we\'ve got ourselves the perfect opportunity to shop. From itty bitty crossbodies to knotted up totes, new-and-improved dopp kits to nostalgic baguettes, whatever nuance bag style you\'ve had your eye on all winter long is ready to be snatched up for spring.So cast off your winter-worn totes and fall-colo