In LA, Christian Cowan Pays Tribute To The Powerpuff Girls

On Friday, out in Los Angeles, designer Christian Cowan closed out the Fashion Month circuit with a pink, blue, and green bang. If that combination sounds like a science experiment gone wrong, you’re not too far off. The New York-based creative collaborated with Cartoon Network on a Powerpuff Girls -inspired capsule collection to fête International Women’s Day. The West Coast event, which may not have been top-of-mind for Cowan loyalists, resulted in an unexpected chance for the ready-to-wear designer to flex his haute couture muscles. And, social media impressions et al, it worked.But really, the fusing of Cowan’s revved up interpretations of ‘sexy’ with a feminist-forward cartoon beloved by millennials is a genius marketing move. It’s still unclear whether or not millennials are buying couture, demi-couture or even ready-to-wear, but they’re politically and fashionably savvy. Which means they\'re definitely tuned in to what’s happening on the runway, and this fashion


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