How To Do Denim This Spring, According To A Rising Fashion Star

We\'d imagine it\'s pretty hard keeping up with Samia Hampstead, Jersey-raised model of Caribbean descent, who spends her days running between castings, events, and meet-ups with friends throughout NYC. Never not on the move, the self-proclaimed jean queen swears by comfort over everything and is probably lugging around an extra pair of kicks in her bag right now for any last-minute outfit switch-ups. Luckily for us (and her nearly 63K IG followers), we can keep tabs on the fashion girl\'s sartorial adventures with a simple scroll of our screens.In an effort to find out some of her secrets, we managed to squeeze ourselves into Hampstead\'s busy schedule — meeting up with the rising internet star to get a masterclass on all things spring style. (Just take a look at how she brings her fresh aesthetic to every pair of AG Jeans denim, below.) We picked the twentysomething\'s brain on her \'90s-inspired vibe, her affinity for a killer pair of straight-leg jeans, and her foolproof advice on craf


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