How Black Cowboys & A Calvin Klein Campaign Inspired The Visuals For Solange's When I Get Home

The Black yeehaw agenda is alive and well. But for Solange Knowles, it’s more than just an aesthetic. It’s a genuine lifestyle she showcases for the world on her latest album, When I Get Home, a love letter to her hometown of Houston, Texas.The LP is accompanied by a visual component, a 33 minute film set to the songs on the album, shot by mostly Texas-based collaborators like her husband, Alan Ferguson, Terence Nance, Jacolby Satterwhire, and Ray Tintori to bring to life certain aspects of life back home that the musician had trouble describing otherwise.As it turns out, the inspiration behind it all arrived a year and a half ago with a Calvin Klein campaign.“I did a Calvin Klein campaign which centered around Americana,” BeyoncĂ©\'s younger sister shared on Sunday during the screening of her visual at Houston\'s Shape Community Center, where she often hung out as a child. “I remember getting the mood board and seeing interpretations of Americana. Not even on any controversi