Hop Into Spring With A Fresh Collection Of Colorful Jewelry

According to the weatherman, the calendar, whoever invented daylight savings, and one very notorious groundhog, spring has officially sprung. But, honestly, we\'re just not buying it — today\'s chosen coat + sweater + boot combo still screams winter to us. Warm or not, though, there\'s no way we\'re allowing our entire wardrobes to stay cold and gray until the first real 75 degree day.Jewelry is the perfect cure-all when it comes to adding some spring into your winter-booted step. There\'s nothing like a seashell earring here or a pearl anklet there to transport your mindset to a sunnier, more tropical locale. And while we love a good gold or silver jewelry moment just as much as anyone (seriously, count the bracelets, necklaces and earrings to prove it), we\'re taking spring 2019 as an opportunity to add some much-needed color to our jewelry boxes.Ahead, we rounded up all the best colorful jewelry, from beaded bracelets to rhinestone earrings, that you can buy now. That way, even if the