Dare To Blend In With These 17 Pairs Of Camo Pants

After what felt like years spent toning down our over-the-top styling instincts, we\'re finally tossing out the minimalist mentality in favor of maximizing every outfit to its highest potential. From pearl sunglasses chains and rhinestone barrettes to XXL balloon sleeves and patterned tights, \" less more is more\" may be be the official tagline of spring 2019. And if there\'s one maximalist trend we\'re most excited to see stand out this season, without a doubt, it\'d have to be camouflage.Unlike denim tuxedos (which have surprisingly kind of grown on us), camo doesn\'t exactly pair well with a partner. So to avoid going totally unseen (get it?) we\'re focusing our spring shopping efforts solely on camo pieces of the pant variety. From Urban Outfitters to R13, everyone across the board is trying their hand at this formerly utilitarian trend. So before you settle for yet another pair of light wash jeans or bone-colored sailor pants (yawn), take a hint from your favorite brands and saddle up i