Could This Be The Most Sustainable Women's Brand... Ever?

By now, you\'re probably aware there\'s a 50/50 chance that brands who tout their sustainability efforts aren\'t actually telling the truth. You also know that faux fur, for example, is actually pretty harmful to the environment. And that shopping consciously isn\'t exactly cheap. But there are some brands out there, however, that are radically transparent with their supply chains and wear their ethics on their sleeve, so to speak. Outerknown, the fashion brand co-founded by surf legend Kelly Slater and John Moore, has everyone beat. And the mid-range label is fĂȘting the launch of its women\'s line.Founded in 2015 as a menswear company, Outerknown\'s commitment to sustainability has grown far beyond making tees out of recycled plastics and organic cottons. They were the first company in history to join the Fair Labor Association before selling a single product (meaning workers are compensated fairly, given legitimate time off, and provided with clean working conditions), they use Econyl® (