Could Costa Brazil Be The Next Billion-Dollar Beauty Brand?

On a hot, airy day in Northeast Brazil, a rare, 98-foot sapucaia tree stretches toward the clouds that hang low over the Amazon. It’s one of the lesser-known timber species, but its benefits are endless: indigenous tribes of Amazonia use its potent leaves to calm skin irritations, the Kaya oil extracted from its seeds soothes muscle pain and regulates blood sugar, and its woody exterior has been used to construct boats and tools. It’s hard to believe its flowers, vivid and purple, are pure decoration.And that’s just one-third of designer-cum-beauty entrepreneur Francisco Costa ’s dynamic Jungle Complex, the holy-trinity of key ingredients of his debut skincare line Costa Brazil. The other two, Cacay oil and Breu resin, are also Amazon gold — puissant and seldom featured in products within the industry. But, before you think Another skincare brand?, take it from us: Costa Brazil stands apart from the millennial-targeted lines du jour.Key ingredients of the ├ôleo Para A Face o