Celebrate The Arrival Of Sandal Season With 17 Open-Toed Flats To Wear Again & Again

It’s time to celebrate, folks, because the countdown to spring has finally begun. But before you pop that bottle of champagne and head for the closest open-air dance floor, there’s one thing you absolutely must do first: toss away your clunky winter boots and slide your feet into a light and breezy pair of spring-ready sandals. After spending the last several months shoved inside a cold, wet hunk of leather, your feet, more than any part of your body, deserve a break.But what sandals can you dance the night away in that won\'t leave you nursing a painful foot hangover the next day? We scoured every retailer, from Balenciaga to Tibi, Topshop to Charles & Keith, to find an answer to that question. The result? 17 pairs of dressy flat sandals that are both comfortable and cute. So before the vernal equinox arrives and marks the official start to sandal season, make sure that you\'re prepared with a stylish and comfy pair of heel-less sandals from the mix ahead.At Refinery29, we’re here