Advice To My 26-Year-Old Self

Joan Juliet Buck is the acclaimed author of The Price of Illusion , the former longtime editor of Vogue Paris, and a novelist, critic and essayist. Her work has appeared in multiple magazines over the years — Vanity Fair, Vogue, Traveler, The New Yorker — and most recently Harper’s Bazaar, The London Sunday Times Style and T magazine.I kept diaries all along, so I know exactly what I was thinking.Photographed By Brigitte Lacombe.First of all, eat something. I know it feels glorious to weigh so little, but living on cappuccinos and grapefruit is going to make your stomach ache. Also, if you ate more, your skin would clear up. And by the way, those tetracycline pills the doctor prescribed to stop the pimples? OUT. They’ll turn your teeth yellow by the time you’re forty and mess up your microbiome.You can throw out the blue mascara.Your heels are so high that streets stretch out forever, and distances seem impossible. But you’re not going to stop wearing them, because they ma