6 Fresh Color Trends To Consider For Spring

Every new season brings with it the promise of a wardrobe overhaul, and spring in particular has the ability to whip us into a frenzy. First, we Marie Kondo \'d (yep, she\'s a verb now). Into storage went the oversized sweaters, Carhartt beanies, and turtlenecks that kept us warm all winter as we scurried into the office, sun barely risen, our bodies hunched against the cold. Now that it\'s all been cleared out though, our closets are kinda empty, save jeans, our workout clothes, black leggings, and... um, more jeans.As always, we\'re confronted with some serious wardrobe holes. Where to begin in filling them? The first place we look for inspiration is the le catwalk, where outfits inhabit a fantasyland free of subways, inclement weather, and budget limitations of any kind. While there was quite a bit of actual violet, there were no shrinking violets — the Spring collections were practically aflame with joyful hues. Gone are the camels and pine greens of the colder months; persimmon, cit