Why Tibi Founder Amy Smilovic Could Be America’s Most Fascinating Designer

It turns out America’s most coveted and intriguing fashion brand isn’t a new one. Tibi, created and designed by Georgia-born Amy Smilovic — a former advertising exec with no formal training in fashion —has been operating independently for 22 years (that’s like 122 in fashion years). But unlike countless other white-hot brands that have languished nearly as swiftly as they launched, or some legacy labels that lose their way a little bit more with every passing year, Tibi has seemingly done the industry impossible: Endure while becoming more relevant and interesting with each new season.While the U.S. hasn’t exactly matched the dizzying leadership drama swirling around so many of the European houses (Burberry, Givenchy, Céline), the untimely exits of Raf Simons at Calvin Klein, Jonathan Saunders at DVF, and Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborn (of Public School fame) at DKNY indicate no one’s immune to fashion’s recent volatility. Creative star power still ranks high for a bra