Why Are So Many White Women Suddenly Wearing So Much Gold Jewelry?

There is a scene in Sex and the City I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Miranda Hobbs, Carrie Bradshaw’s very dependable and sensible friend, tried to help Carrie’s boyfriend at the time, everyone’s favorite nice guy who finished last Aidan, pick out an engagement ring. Carrie hated the ring. She hated it so much she threw up when she saw it. Dramatic, yes, but she couldn’t understand how the man she could potentially become betrothed to would buy her a gold ring. “But you wear gold,” Miranda said (who could forget Carrie’s cherished “gold” name plate she almost lost in Paris?). “Yeah, ghetto gold for fun!” Carrie shot back flippantly and quickly.The year was 2001 and there was a certain stigma around wearing too much gold: hoops, rings, necklaces or otherwise. But in 2019, you better believe Bradshaw would have piled on tons of gold jewelry. She would have layered several gold chains and had several gold piercings in her ear, including a big pair of thick g