Vogue Brazil Director Resigns Over ‘Slavery’ Party

It\'s early 2019, and it seems like our news cycle lately is overcome with disturbing stories about racist behavior. If we aren\'t dealing with the fallout of public officials being caught wearing blackface, we\'re seeing outcries over products that may or may not be offensive. And the problem isn\'t solely an American one. Vogue Brazil\'s style director has resigned from her role with the company after being called out for cultural insensitivity.On February 8, Donata Meirelles hosted her 50th birthday party. Brazilian journalist Fabio Bernardo shared a picture from the night on Instagram, and immediately users began to link the theme of the party to the country\'s history of slavery.The photo has since been deleted, but not before CNN Style caught the following comments. \"The photo clearly and unfortunately refers to a Brazil of autocracy and slavery, where Black people were serving and white people tended to,\" wrote Instagram user Roberto Sakiyama, while another posted \"I don\'t see any pr