These Are All The President's Day Fashion Sales You Need To Know

Is it just us, or has it been ages since the last big round of sales? During the holidays, sales are like Starbucks locations in Manhattan — around every corner. But since January, it\'s been easy to feel stuck in a thrifter\'s worst nightmare, a.k.a. the full-priced section. Thankfully, the sale gods are always keeping our wallets in mind and have strategically placed a quick round of discounts right at the end of this dark, sale- less tunnel. That\'s right, it\'s time for President\'s Day sales, and trust us when we say, you won\'t want to pass these up.Starting as early as today, the brands and retailers serving up everything from jewelry to clothing to bags, are slashing their prices in the name of President\'s Day. So before you get tempted on a full-price buy, consider scoring some major deals. Take a peek through our no-markdown-missed A to Z guide of sales to scour over the upcoming holiday weekend. Check back often, because we\'ll be updating this post with fresh sales daily.At Refi