There Were White Models With Cornrows At Toronto Fashion Week

The fashion industry has a diversity problem. This is not news. We know this. We know this like we know that the Oscars are #sowhite and The Bachelor prefers blondes. So, it wasn’t shocking to me that there was only one Black model in the Toronto Fashion Week show I went to last night.When I walked into a parking garage under the Whole Foods in Toronto\'s Yorkville Village to watch Mikhael Kale debut his latest collection, it wasn’t a surprise that one visibly Black model was the “other” amidst a runway full of her white peers. That (still) happens all the time. But when the models landed on their platforms (the show started as traditional runway show but turned into more of a tableau style of performance art), popped their hips, and settled into their poses, I registered that every woman had their hair braided into cornrows. Yes, even the white ones.Here’s the part in the story when I, as a Black woman in media, have to decide whether or not I’m going to let something like