The Nostalgic Jewelry Of Our Childhoods Is Back In Time For Valentine's Day

You’ve been through all of life\'s ups and downs together, have spent countless nights over countless bottles of Pinot catching up on on everything from relationships to Housewives, and prefer not to buy something without the other’s approval. Yep, we’re talking about your BFF of course. And regardless of your romantic relationship status, celebrating Valentine’s Day with your true number one (whether you’ve spent two years or two decades together) is a must to showcase your bond and love for each other. And that all starts with the perfect gift.While there are many routes you could take (candy, clothes, a card), bringing it back to where it all began with a matching friendship bracelet or necklace feels particularly sentimental. After all, trading handmade pieces at your slumber parties worked back in middle school, so just imagine how sweet a grown-up friendship item would be now. So with that, we\'re showcasing 12 playful, thoughtful, and nostalgic bracelets and necklaces t