The Most-Traffic Stopping NYFW Street Style For Winter 2019

Seen in the wild, a good, imaginative outfit has the power to stop you in your tracks. It has the potential not simply to inspire, but to flip any observer’s style identity on its head. It leaves you wondering why you ever wrote off giant blanket scarves and trench coats, loud flare pants with chunky dad sneakers, hot pink polos and long sleeves, brightly colored tights with anything and everything. Insert Fashion Month, the biggest, brightest Good Outfit canvas there is, where designers, buyers, editors, stylists, reporters, celebrities and, yes, influencers gather in and around the tents, studios, warehouses and other makeshift showrooms to check out the collections — and we’re checking them out, too. A runway’s great and all, but a lot of the magic happens on the concrete sidewalks of New York City, where our fashion compatriots are catching a cab, checking their phones or sipping a coffee in between shows.The first few days of New York Fashion Week were unseasonably warm, e