#OldCeline Vibes Are Alive At These Retailers

This Paris Fashion Week will mark a full year since Phoebe Philo \'s departure from Céline Celine. And with the Fall \'19 runway show a few days away, we\'re still hopelessly lingering over her heyday — when legions of women discovered their inner power pose through the brand\'s quiet but bold coolness. Philo\'s historic knack for volume, layering, unapologetic prints and general sense of irony all infused the brand with a preternatural icon status.Gabrielle Boucinha, founder of the much-followed Instagram account @oldceline, summed it up when we interviewed her last year, comparing the designer to Coco Chanel — a woman renowned for thoroughly upending women\'s fashion from top to toe. \"It was very liberating to see a fashion house present women with what they actually want to wear,\" said Boucinha of Philo-era Celine. \"We don\'t always want to wear a tight sequined mini dress. We want to wear a dragging-on-the-floor dress with sneakers.\"It might be too early to call Philo\'s 2008-2018 pe