Need An Escape From Toxic Masculinity? Watch This Fashion Show

During Fashion Month, emotions are high. There’s so much emotion, in fact, that show goers can forget it\'s the clothes (not their Instagram feeds or who\'s making a scene in the front row) that are supposed to avulse such visceral reactions. And sometimes, a fashion show intersects so perfectly between what\'s happening in the real world and the runway that it’s as if it was meant to happen on that day and at that time, put in front of us to remind us how closely the two are, in fact, connected.Alessandro Trincone\'s fall 2019 show had been in the works for months before the Italian fashion designer unveiled his latest gender-challenging creations in New York on Thursday. But barely a week ago, actor Jussie Smollett survived a premeditated, racist and homophobic attack. Weeks before that, homophobic epithets from comedian Kevin Hart that legitimized violence against the LGTBQ+ community resurfaced on Twitter.All, in 2019, are striking reminders that being gay while Black is still pu